Tips From a Karaoke Pro

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on June 2, 2014

By day, Harvey Silikovitz, 44, is a New York City lawyer. By night, he sings karaoke—as H-Bomb, who’s taken the mic in 32 countries and counting, which he blogs about at hbombkaraoke. com. Here are H-Bomb’s tips for engaging a karaoke crowd.

* Choose the right material. “Regardless of genre, the song has to be suited to my vocal range, which is something I’ve learned by trial and error and practicing at home,” he says. “If it’s a packed house, I’ll probably want to do a more upbeat song. You don’t want to kill the mood.”

* Have fun on stage—the energy is contagious. “If you’re just standing there in the same place for three minutes, the audience might get a little bored. If people see that I’m having a good time, they’re much more likely to feel that they’re having a good time.”

* Work the crowd. “I try to make eye contact with the people.”