Prescription for Procrastination

Home & Family, Living Green
on January 12, 2003

We all need an occasional jump-start to tackle a dreaded chore, such as cleaning out a closet or de-cluttering. Pick and choose from among these suggestions to help you get busy:

Gear up the night before. If you plan to tackle a project one morning, set out the supplies or tools youll need.

Go to bed a little earlier than usual so youll wake up refreshed and ready to go.

Speed up your metabolism. Before starting the task, take a 20-minute brisk walk.

Put on peppy music that makes you want to move.

Decide beforehand how you will reward yourself when you complete the job.

Give yourself the freedom to stop and rest when necessary.

Pat yourself on the back when you finish a segment of the task. If you have six drawers to clean out, congratulate yourself each time you conquer one.

Ask someone you enjoy to help out with the job.

Start a 15-minute rule. Spend 15 minutes every day on something youve been procrastinating about. Before you know it, youll have the dreaded task licked.