Find the Time

Home, Home & Family, Living Green
on February 9, 2003

If you wonder how youll ever find the time to get organized, try asking yourself three little questions every morning.

What should I do? Every day, list everything you think needs to be doneputting food on the table, gas in the car, and money in the bank, for starters. On most days its a pretty substantial list.

What can I delegate? If its laundry day, whose turn is it to fold the clothes? Can your teenager drop off the bank deposit on his way to baseball practice? Is there an able-bodied person around who can run the vacuum cleaner?

What can I delete? Are there some items on your list that really dont need doing? Do you really have to make muffins from scratch? Can you help your neighbor choose fabric for curtains next weekend instead of today? Even the busiest of us, especially the busiest of us, need to look for things were doing that simply dont need to be doneas frequently as were doing them today, or ever.

Getting organized means learning to manage the daily affairs of your home and family, as well as setting priorities and knowing what you want to give time, emphasis, and care to in your life.