Titus Welliver Plays Mr. Serious

Celebrity Q&A, People
on March 10, 2012

Titus Welliver played such bad dudes on the TV shows Lost, Deadwood and The Good Wife. Does he have any other projects in the works?

—Mark Flanigan, Hudson, N.Y.

Welliver, 51, co-stars in the current movie Man on a Ledge and appeared recently in three episodes of CSI. He also has recurring roles on the TV series Touch and Grimm. Nicknamed Mr. Serious by a few friends, he mentions Jimmy O'Phelan (Sons of Anarchy) and prosecutor Glenn Childs (The Good Wife) among his favorites in the realm of villainy, but he would love to branch out into comedy. "When the right opportunity presents itself, I will jump all over it," says the native of New Haven, Conn. The son of the late modern artist Neil Welliver is also himself an artist, specializing in abstract expressionalism.