Country Superstar Toby Keith

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on November 7, 2004

How about something on Toby Keith? This guy does such a wide range of music and he’s not monotonous like a lot of other artists.

—Mrs. A. M., California

Country music singer Toby Keith, 43, put a twist on the ad campaign for the city of Las Vegas—”What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”—on his current hit, Stays in Mexico. The song, from his new CD, Greatest Hits 2, has sparked controversy for its return to one of country’s oldest themes: cheating. “People say I like to stir things up,” he says, “but it’s just not being afraid to play what you write.” The Academy of Country Music Entertainer of the Year, who lives near Norman, Okla., also isn’t scared of branching out. Next spring, Harrah’s Casino in Las Vegas will open “I Love This Bar & Grill,” a Keith-themed club. Keith insists his family—wife Tricia and children Shelley, Krystal and Stelen—isn’t impressed with his success. “Most of those things don’t impress me, either,” he says, “but it sure feels great.”