‘Ed’ Star Tom Cavanagh

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on September 16, 2001

Ed, in my opinion, was the best show last season. Could you tell me something about the actor who plays Ed?
—Holley C., Indiana

The likable attorney/bowling alley owner Ed Stevens is portrayed by Tom Cavanagh, 32. NBC viewers may remember him as "dog boy" (Doug Boyce) on Providence. Cavanagh, born in Ottawa, Canada, spent his childhood in the African nation of Ghana, where his parents taught school. His family returned to Canada during his high school years, and he later enrolled at Queens University in Ontario, earning degrees in English, biology, and education. His foray into theater came as Danny Zuko in the Canadian stage production of Grease. Soon after working in the Broadway revival of the musical Shenandoah, he became an in-demand actor in Canada. Looking for U.S. success, he moved to Los Angeles two years ago and shortly thereafter was cast in the CBS version of the pilot Stuckeyville, later developed as NBC's Ed. Cavanagh, who played varsity basketball in college, avidly participates in sports and enjoys the guitar. He is single and calls Los Angeles home. (The television series is filmed in New York.)