Singer Tom Netherton

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on June 26, 2005

We love the Lawrence Welk Family programs. Is Tom Netherton married?
—Samuel M., Arizona

Tom Netherton has never married. Netherton, 58, was born in Munich, Germany, where his father was stationed in the Army, but he returned to the United States when he was 9 months old.

Netherton didn't really know he could sing until he was dared to audition for a high school musical and ended up getting the lead. He joined the Lawrence Welk Show in 1973, stayed until the show's end in 1982, and still can be seen in reruns and TV specials. He recently concluded two years at the music theater in

Williamsburg, Va. (pop. 11,988), where he lives. He is working on a few new CDs, which will be available on his website, Netherton, who speaks often about his Christianity, enjoys not only performing for audiences, but speaking with them as well. "I love entertaining and looking in the eyes of people," Netherton says. "I really like to make it personal. People know they can come to a show that is great for the whole family, whether they're Christians or not."