Top Six Garage Storage Tips

Featured Article, Household DIY Tips
on September 14, 2013
lattice storage

Cleaning the garage is no fun.  Make that chore easier by organizing your lawn tools and increasing storage space.

How to Store Garden Tools

To neatly store his numerous long-handle lawn tools, Club member Derek Walter of Durham, North Carolina, converted a 32-gallon plastic garbage can into a portable tool caddy. He drilled holes in the lid to accommodate the tool handles and then poured a bag of sand into the bottom of the can to provide stability. Besides helping to keep his garage tidy, the can has wheels that make it easy to move all of the tools to the yard and back.

How to Reuse Lattice as Storage

To create useful storage for everything from lengths of molding to fishing poles, Club member Dan Moser of Masontown, Pennsylvania, hangs scrap sections of plastic lattice from the rafters in his garage. Because of the open design of the lattice, Dan can quickly see the items stored overhead and has easy access to them.

Garage Door Storage

Club member Jeff Johnson of Ashland, Wisconsin, put the inside face of his garage door to use as a convenient place to store his numerous fishing rods. He simply screwed a series of U-bolts to the garage door metal support straps and inserted the fishing rods. As the door travels, the U-bolts provide ample clearance for the rods to safely rotate without binding.

How to Organize Bungee Cords

If you’ve ever stored elastic tie-down cords in a bag or box, you know how quickly they can become entangled. To keep them tidy, take the advice of Club member Don Harris of Woodstock, Georgia, and build this simple organizer from scrap plywood. Just measure the lengths of the cords and cut varying stepped increments to accommodate.

Where to Store a String Trimmer

If you’ve ever struggled to find a good place to store a string trimmer, take this advice from Club member Larry Kroger of Greensburg, Indiana. Hang two closet shelf brackets from your garage wall: The clothes-rod loops form a perfect cradle for the shaft of a gas-powered trimmer, and the upper surfaces of the brackets form a sturdy place to store additional implements such as a leaf blower.

Where to Store the Leaf Blower

To reduce the clutter on his garage floor, Club member Kyle Schroeder of Waconia, Minnesota, came up with this neat storage system for his weed trimmer and blower. He used a pair of closet-shelf brackets and a notched shelf board to create a home for both tools. The clothes-rod supports on the shelf brackets cradle the string trimmer, and the shelf — notched to allow room for the trimmer’s handle — provides storage space for the blower.