Top Tool Storage Tips

Featured Article, Household DIY Tips
on September 7, 2013
drill holder

Power tools can be hard to store and even hard to organize in one place.  With these quick modifications and tips, your tool collection will be ready for use and ready for quick storage after the job is done.

How to Build a Drill Organizer

If you’re looking for a great way to store cordless drills, check out the rack designed by Club member Joey Herndon of Thomasville, Georgia. He used 7-in. lengths of 3-in.-dia. PVC pipe mounted to wedge-shape scrap 2×4 blocks to create individual drill holsters. He mounted the holsters to a storage shelf that he fastened to the underside of one of his shop cabinets. The shelf provides space for the drills’ battery chargers, and the holsters keep the drills organized within easy reach.

Quick-access Cordless Tool Tip

Club member Larry Maurer of Port Charlotte, Florida, devised an ingenious storage method for cordless tools. He cut equal lengths of 4-in.-dia. PVC pipe; then he cut a 1-1/4-in.-wide slot lengthwise in each pipe section and mounted the pipes to the underside of a shelf in his shop. His cordless tools slide easily into the pipes and are readily accessible when he needs them.

How to Organize a Tool Case

If you’ve ever struggled to fit a portable power tool and all of its accessories back into the case, try this tip from Club member Gabe Vandervort of Glendale, California. Snap a picture of the open case with all of the components organized correctly, and tape the photo to the inside of the lid. You’ll  never forget which piece fits into which spot again!

Tool-Case Storage Tip

Many new tools come with cases, but their differing dimensions can make storing them messy. Club member Greg Donewar of Holbrook, Arizona, solved the problem by creating this wall-mounted tool-case storage system. Short lengths of 2x4s fastened to a plywood back hold each case. As Greg’s storage needs change, he can easily modify the system by simply unscrewing and repositioning the 2x4s.

How to Store a Welding Torch

If you own a small oxy-acetylene torch, you’ll appreciate this tip from Club member Richard Brooks of Silver Springs, New York. Take a
17-in. length of 1-1/2-in.-dia. PVC pipe and cut a 1/2-in.-wide x 11-in.-long slot in one side. Mount the pipe to the side of the bottle caddy and you’ll have a handy place to store the tip assembly. Of course, make sure the tip is cool before you place it in the PVC holder. 

How to Store a Miter Gauge

To keep his miter gauge close at hand, Club member
E.V. Cohen of Orlando, Florida, mounted a short length of PVC pipe to the leg of his table saw. Although he used 1/4-in. x 20 machine screws to fasten the pipe to the saw’s leg, band-style hose clamps would work as well.