Tracy Spiridakos on ‘Revolution’ Role

Celebrity Q&A, Featured Article
on October 14, 2012


What can you tell me about Tracy Spiridakos from “Revolution”?
Chloe Antonopoulos, Athens, Ga.
Of Greek descent, Spiridakos was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, but moved to Skala, Greece, for six years when she was 4. She says the experience helps her relate to her role as Charlie on “Revolution,” because “we had electricity but it was definitely roughing it a lot as well, and I think that is fun.”
With two brothers, the 20-something Spiridakos is a self-proclaimed tomboy, which made her a natural for her role in the series, which tells the tale of what happens on earth when every single piece of technology has mysteriously blacked out and people have had to revert to a more primitive lifestyle, including hunting for their food.
“I love martial arts, playing football with my brothers and street hockey. I am all about the stunts,” says Spiridakos, who had to learn to use a bow and arrows for the role.
She launched her acting career in Canada, moving from Winnipeg to Vancouver, where there was a great deal of TV production. Her credits include “Supernatural,” “Hellcats,” “Psych,” “Being Human” and the Canadian TV series, “Majority Rules!”
Spiridakos is hoping that people will relate to the series, and especially to Charlie, because “the cool thing about her is a lot of people in the series are very jaded, have been through a lot and have a wall up. Whereas Charlie is vulnerable and a fighter, she is Dorothy with a sword. She is vulnerable but she is a fighter and will get in there and get what needs to be done, done.”