‘Treasure Island’ DVD Review

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on August 3, 2012

'Treasure Island'
DVD ($19.97)

Originally airing as a Syfy TV movie earlier this year, this gritty, inventive new take on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel takes a few liberties but remains true to the swashbuckling spirit of its source material, a rollicking tale of hidden pirate booty, salty buccaneers and adventure on the high seas. The mostly British cast includes Eddie Izzard as Long John Silver; Elijah Wood, who breaks out of his “Lord of the Rings” mold as crewmate Ben Gunn; Toby Regbo as Jim Hawkins, the young protagonist around which the story unfolds; and Donald Sutherland, aboard to provide some color as the pirate captain Flint. Bonus features include commentary and interviews with the cast.

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