Actor Trevor Goddard

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on February 8, 2004

My husband and I are big fans of JAG. What can you tell us about the actor who played the part of Commander Brumby? He has left the show and we heard he died.

—Jim and Pat M., Kansas

Sadly, actor Trevor Goddard died in June of a drug overdose that the Los Angeles County coroner ruled accidental. Goddard, 37, was best known for his role as Lt. Commander Mic Brumby on JAG. He started out as a professional boxer and boxed successfully for more than five years before he turned to acting, beginning with a series of beer commercials. While Goddard played an Australian and his official biography listed his birthplace as Perth, after his death his parents said he actually was born in Great Britain. After leaving boxing, Goddard portrayed villains such as Kano in Mortal Kombat and other Hollywood action films. He had just completed work on Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl before his death. His other film credits include Gone in Sixty Seconds and Hollywood Vampyr. Goddard was divorced and had two sons.