Trick Pony

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on December 21, 2003

The country group Trick Pony has been doing very well lately. Can you tell me something about how they got together?

—Bill F., New York

It all started when Trick Pony guitarist Keith Burns decided he wanted to form a trio made up of three distinct and unique members. At the time he was playing with Joe Diffie’s band. He approached bassist Ira Dean, who worked with Tanya Tucker, because he liked his flashy style, sense of humor and musical chops. At about the same time, singer Heidi Newfield got into a conversation with Burns’ now ex-wife. She thought Newfield would make the perfect lead singer and passed the word on to Burns. When the three finally got together to see if they meshed musically, as well as theoretically, they knew they had something. Their first single, Pour Me, proved it. “Professionally, we all share the same vision for this group and the sky is the limit,” Newfield says. “We all share a similar work ethic, which makes it easier on all three of us. And we all share a love of performing and writing . . . so though we may not always agree on songs and/or arrangements, we have learned how to listen to one another and work off of one another’s strengths. Oh, we also have bi-monthly wrestling matches, which tends to take the edge off . . . just kidding!”