Singer Trini Lopez

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on August 21, 2005

I would like to know what happened to the singer Trini Lopez.
—Terrie M., South Carolina

Trini Lopez, who is known for hits such as If I Had a Hammer, La Bamba and Lemon Tree, semi-retired to Palm Springs, Calif. (pop. 42,807), in 1981. "I have been enjoying my life, playing tennis and golf, and sleeping late," says Lopez, who still performs occasionally. "It's nice and quiet here." That's quite a contrast from what Lopez describes as his youth growing up in a Dallas ghetto. "We were very, very poor, but my parents were very rich, spiritually," he says. "My father was a singer who taught me my first Mexican folk songs." Lopez also learned a great deal from Frank Sinatra. "He was like my father. I traveled with him and the Rat Pack in his Lear jet." The never-married Lopez says, "I'm still looking. You're never too old, I think. I just turned 68, but I feel 38."