Fun Facts about Ron Howard

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on May 20, 2011
  • Ron Howard’s costar in East My Dust, actress Christopher Norris, went on to a role on Trapper John, M.D., as nurse Gloria Brancusi.
  • Actor Dave Madden, Big Bubba Jones in Eat My Dust, is best remembered by many TV fans from his role as manager Reuben Kincaid on The Partridge Family.
  • Other than its title, Grand Theft Auto has no relation to the violent videogame of the same name.
  • To stir up support among movie-going teens, Grand Theft Auto sponsored a contest with 16 Magazine, and the winner received a bit part. You can see her as the girl who catches the bouquet in the wedding scene.
  • Grand Theft Auto took only 15 days to shoot.
  • In 1971, Ron Howard was a contestant on The Dating Game. He chose bachelorette No. 2.
  • Howard had a costarring role in The Shootist (1976), John Wayne’s final movie.
  • A Beautiful Mind and Apollo 13, both directed by Howard, are on the National Film Association’s list The 100 Most Inspiring Movies Of All Time.
  • Happy Days costar Henry “Fonzie” Winkler is godfather to his Howard’s daughter Bryce Dallas Howard, an actress whose movies include Spider-Man 3, The Village, Hereafter and Terminator Salvation.
  • Howard and wife Cheryl have been married for 36 years.