Child Star Tyler Garcia Posey

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on January 16, 2005

What happened to the little guy who played Raul on the hit series Doc?
—Terri W., Kentucky

Tyler Garcia Posey, 13, took a few breaks from filming Doc for various other projects, including the film Maid in Manhattan. The busy Santa Monica, Calif., native also was in Collateral Damage and Men of Honor. Posey has been acting since age 5. His dad, an actor and writer, used to bring him to work, and it soon became clear that Tyler loved performing. "Now that I'm older, I'm reading for roles that are a lot more challenging," he says. "I get to meet a lot of great people. I also like that I get to travel and see a lot of places that most kids my age don't get to see. It's a real education in itself." When not working, Posey enjoys skateboarding and playing the guitar.