Who Was the Voice of Underdog?

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on August 12, 2007

Who did the voice for the TV character Underdog? I seem to recall it was a comedian. Is he still alive?
—Polly Sheppard, Albany, Ga.

Wally Cox provided the vocals for the 1964-73 adventures of television’s heroic cartoon canine, now available on DVD in The Ultimate Underdog Collection. A beloved character actor known for his high-pitched voice, meek demeanor, slight build and eyeglasses, Cox died of a heart attack in 1973 at the age of 48. His longtime friend, actor Marlon Brando, took possession of his cremated ashes. Even though Cox also was a regular on The Hollywood Squares and appeared in dozens of other TV shows and movies, he always will be known as the man behind the line, “There’s no need to fear—Underdog is here.”