'Unlikely Friendships'

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on July 2, 2011

Unlikely Friendships
By Jennifer S. Holland
Softcover, 210 pages ($13.95)

Friendship knows no bounds, as the old saying goes. That’s certainly true in this heartwarming collection of amazing photos and stories about animals that have developed emotional bonds across species lines—and in circumstances under which you’d expect them to be anything but cozy. Scientists may scoff at the very idea of a peaceful, even affectionate attachment between a gorilla and a kitten, a wildcat and a fawn, a snake and a hamster, or a lion, tiger and bear that appear to be bosom buddies. But animal-loving readers will likely draw their own, very different conclusions after cuddling up with these and 40-plus other examples of critter pairs that take co-existence to an entirely new level of companionship.

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