Uses for Mustard

on May 17, 2012

Versatile, flavorful, low fat, low calorie and full of variety — mustard is all of those things. There are literally thousands of mustards, according to the National Mustard Museum. If you’re looking for interesting ways to get more out of this golden condiment than a simple hot dog topping, you are in the right place. Discover exciting and surprising uses for mustard.

Pork or chicken cutlets. The crispy cutlet is divine, whether it’s pork or chicken in the pan and on the plate. Breading cutlets can be a bit dull and lacking in flavor. Here’s where mustard saves the day. Spread any favorite mustard on a clean, trimmed breast of chicken or pork chop. Dredge the meat in breadcrumbs seasoned with salt and pepper, or kick that flavor up a notch and grate Parmesan cheese into the crumbs. Experiment with additional flavors in this step. Garlic powder, onion powder, curry and paprika — any spice and herb can be tasty when paired with mustard. Pan fry or bake as usual.

Salad dressing. Oil and vinegar is a classic on a tossed salad. Making your own dressing is even tastier with a bit of Dijon mustard. Pour a few ounces of rice wine vinegar in a jar with a lid. Add about the same amount of good olive oil. Add salt, pepper and a teaspoon of Dijon mustard. Close the lid and shake like crazy for the best salad dressing.

Meat marinade. The common marinade has an acid-like vinegar or citrus juice and oil in the mix. Salt and pepper with a generous dollop of your top mustard choice will add tang and zing to the marinade, which is passed on to the meat. Any meat can be enhanced with a marinade, but pork, chicken and a fatty fish like salmon or swordfish work especially well with this mustard-based marinade.

Barbecue sauce. Some people already extol the virtues of the mustard barbecue sauce. Other grill masters prefer a tomatoey sauce for basting. Why choose? A great barbecue sauce doesn’t have to. Simply add a tablespoon of good mustard to a traditional ketchup barbecue sauce. The taste is pure mustard magnificence.

Dipping sauce. Stretch your kid’s palate and bring out the curious in those little epicureans by introducing them to a (gasp) ketchup-free nugget dip. It’s simple: Combine a cup of mayonnaise, a quarter cup honey and 2 tablespoons of a mild mustard (think yellow), and stir. Not only is this a delicious nugget dip, it’s also wonderful for dipping onion rings, french fries and veggies.

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