Actress Veronica Lake

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on June 3, 2001

Can you give me some details on actress Veronica Lake?
—Frances H., Alabama

Twenty-eight years after her death, the legendary actress probably is best remembered for her haircut that swooped over one eye. The daughter of an Irish seaman, Lake was born Constance Ockleman in either 1919 or 1922 (depending on the source) in Brooklyn, N.Y. After her father's death, her mother remarried, moved the family to Los Angeles in 1938, and enrolled Constance in acting classes. In 1941, she went for a screen test for Paramount producer Arthur Hornblow Jr., who loved her but not her name. After changing her name to Veronica Lake (her eyes reminded him of a still lake), he gave her a role in I Wanted Wings. Next came the movie Sullivan's Travels, which made her a star. By 1949, she had four children. Lake dropped out of the public eye in the '50s. She was rediscovered and cast in Footsteps in the Snow in 1966. She died in 1973.