Victor Webster Enjoys Controversial Characters

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on July 31, 2013
Continuum - victor webster

What is Victor Webster doing these days?
—Pimjai Sudsawad, Columbia, Mo.

The handsome actor, who was born in Calgary, Canada, has spent six months of the past year in Vancouver filming the second season of the Syfy TV series “Continuum,” on which he stars as a police detective who unknowingly gets partnered with a woman who has time-traveled back from the future.

In addition to being a cop show, in which the partners are trying to track down the members of a terrorist group known as Liber8, it is also a commentary on a bleak future that could await the planet if changes aren’t made.

When asked if he believes shows like “Continuum” can help make a better tomorrow, Webster says, “That depends on how many people share the same goal and how hard we fight to make that happen. I don’t think one person can do anything alone. I think we need a group of people sharing the same mindset and determination. Then, I think, anything is possible.”

Webster, 40, who worked as a stockbroker after attending Saddleback College in Southern California and then owned an import/export company, got his first break as an actor on “Days of Our Lives.” He followed that up as one of the leads in “Mutant X.” His other TV credits include “Charmed,” the “Melrose Place” reboot and “Harper’s Island.”
Before landing “Continuum,” Webster had a recurring role as Kate Beckett’s boyfriend Josh on “Castle,” with surprising results.
“You would be amazed at how much ‘I love you. I hate Josh’ mail I got,” he says. “People were so riled up about that. They are so invested in the two characters of Castle and Beckett being together that somebody coming in and disrupting that was like Saddam Hussein himself. It is so much fun to play such a hated character.”

While on hiatus from “Continuum,” Webster is hoping to spend the summer in Romania filming an as-yet-untitled indie film.