Viral Videos: Cat Circus + Ghost Ship

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on March 14, 2014

Why the Cat Circus Is the Best Circus
Human circuses have nothing on Samantha Martin’s Acro-Cats, a Chicago-based traveling circus that includes cats jumping through hoops, balancing on stools and performing in their band, The Rock Cats.

Mysterious Ghost Ship With Incredible History
An abandoned “ghost” ship in the Ohio River has quite the backstory. Originally named The Celt back in 1902, the ship has been part of two World Wars, chauffeured tourists in NYC, was used by Thomas Edison and appeared briefly in a famous Madonna video.

Puppy’s Great Energy Captured in Slow-Motion
Keeping up with a new and hyperactive pet can be a challenge for owners, but one couple decided to slow their puppy, Tobias, right down. Using slow motion, Mike and Caroline from Toronto, with help from the team at Roaming Focus, captured stunning shots of the puppy doing what he does best — running around and getting up to plenty of mischief.

10 Amazing Personal Submarines
Check out 10 of the most awesome personal subs.

The Death of a Moose
Moose in Minnesota are dying at an alarming rate, and biologists are racing to understand what’s behind the rapid decline.