Law and Order’ Star Vincent D’Onofrio

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on September 15, 2002

Vincent D'Onofrio of Law & Order: Criminal Intent is a great actor on a great show. I recall he was in Full Metal Jacket years ago. Please fill me in on his background.
—Wanda F., Texas

Vincent D'Onofrio gained much attention for his portrayal of the psycho private in Full Metal Jacket, one of his first movie roles. Other early movies include Adventures in Babysitting and Mystic Pizza. Some may recognize him from Men in Black. This Brooklyn native spent his childhood in Hawaii, Colorado, and Florida. But the Big Apple beckoned him back, and he returned to study acting at the American Stanislavsky Theatre. While studying, he honed his craft by appearing in several New York University student films. In 1984, D'Onofrio became a full member of the theater group and appeared in several plays. He made his Broadway debut in Open Admissions the same year. D'Onofrio, 43, was in a slew of films that came out this year—The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, The Salton Sea, Bark, and Imposter. He is married and has two children.