Vintage Silhouette Values

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on September 5, 2013
Framed hand painted silhouettes were popular in the early 1900s.

Q: This is a photo of a framed silhouette picture of a duck hunter in a canoe with his dog. On the back of the picture is a stamp with the words “Fisher — Hand Painted Silhouettes” and an “M” in a diamond. There is a hand written personal note saying “Betty, from Nelson, December 2, 1935.” Also, there is a newspaper clipping attached on the back explaining the history of silhouettes.
The silhouette does have dried flowers on it, and the background looks like gold feather or some type of gold foil.

A: Your circa 1935 vintage silhouette was made by Fisher in California. The letter “M” stands for Mary Fisher, who hand painted the scenes. Fisher produced many silhouettes and often used foil background and dried native milkweed and other wild flowers. Silhouettes like yours and also reverse painted silhouettes were very popular in the early to mid-1900s.

Your framed silhouette would probably be worth $25 to $50.


Warwick China Co. Vase Value

Q: This mark is on the bottom of a vase that I have. Along with the mark is a hand painted red letter “A.” The vase stands about 11 inches tall and is decorated with the portrait of a gypsy woman with a tambourine. It is in perfect condition.
A: Warwick China Company was located in Wheeling, West Virginia, from 1887 to 1951. They made vases, tankards, dresser sets, dinnerware, umbrella stands, jardinieres, platters, bowl and pitcher sets and a multitude of decorative items.

Many of the vases and tankards featured portraits of monks, Native Americans, flowers and fraternal motifs. They were either hand painted or decorated with decals. They also made hotel and restaurant wares. The hand painted red letter refers to the finish and decoration. The significance of the word “Ioga” remains a mystery.

Your portrait vase was made some time between 1905 and 1920, and it would probably be worth about $75 to $125.

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