Von Trapp Family

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on July 3, 2005

Can you tell me what's happening now with the Trapp family, whose lives were portrayed in the movie The Sound of Music?
—Kristy J., Missouri

When Georg and Maria von Trapp left their home and climbed over the Austrian Alps with their children into Italy to escape Adolf Hitler's reign in 1938, Maria was pregnant with the 10th Trapp child, Johannes, who is now president of the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vt. (pop. 4,339). (Georg had seven children with his first wife and three more with Maria.) The Trapps left their family fortune behind and began singing for a living. The Trapp Family Singers toured for 15 years, and after discovering Vermont, which reminded them of Austria, they started the lodge in 1950. Georg, who died in 1947, and Maria, who died in 1987, are buried in the family cemetery next to the lodge. Three children—Agathe, 91, Maria, 90 and Werner, 89—whose names were changed in the original 1965 Sound of Music film—are still living. The other two children Maria had with Trapp—Rosemarie and Eleanore—also are alive. "I think the movie is a terrific movie," says Johannes, 66. "That doesn't mean I'm 100 percent pleased with how they portrayed us, but the movie has had such an impact on so many people, that it is quite amazing."