Author W.E.B. Griffin

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on March 30, 2003

Will W.E.B. Griffin continue his series of books about the Office of Strategic Services and the Marine Corps? His books leave the reader wanting more.
—James W., Texas

The prolific author is at work right now on his next military-based novel, part of his Corps series about the Marines from World War II to Korea. Look for it in 2004. In the meantime, fans can read his latest police novel, Final Justice. Griffin's knowledge of the military comes from experience. He enlisted in the Army in 1946, received counterintelligence training, and served in post-war Germany. He stayed in the country to continue his education and attended Phillips University. However, his studies were interrupted when he was called to serve in the Korean War in 1951. He served as a combat correspondent there, as well as acting X Corps information officer. His first novel, The Lieutenants, was published in 1982 and became the first in his Brotherhood of War series, whose nine novels cover army life in the period from World War II through Vietnam. Griffin, 73, has written more than 30 novels and counts Tom Clancy among his fans. "Nothing honors me more than a serviceman, veteran, or cop telling me how much he enjoys reading my books," Griffin says.