Oscar Winner Wallace Beery

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on November 28, 2004
wallace beery

I am an old fan of Wallace Beery. Can you give me some information about him? I am interested in titles to some movies he was in long ago.

—Helen C., Maryland

The beloved character actor made some 220 movies, but none were as colorful as his own life. Born in Kansas City, Mo., in 1885, he joined the Ringling Brothers Circus at 16 as an elephant trainer. Two years later, he left after a leopard attacked and clawed his arm. From musical variety shows in New York, he segued to screen work in the Sweedie comedies, where he met first wife Gloria Swanson. In 1931, he won a best actor Oscar for The Champ, and went on to memorable roles in 1933’s Dinner at Eight and 1934’s Treasure Island. He died from a heart attack in 1949 at age 64.