Actor Wally Brown

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on November 21, 2004
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My mother’s cousin, Wally Brown, was a comic and actor many years ago. Can you list some of his old movies? I would like to view them.

—William M., New Hampshire

You’ll need a long nap if you watch them all! Brown, sometimes credited as Wallace Brown, was born in Malden, Mass. (pop. 56,340), on Oct. 8, 1904, and died in 1961 after making 44 movies. Among his most famous: The Absent Minded Professor, The Left Handed Gun, and Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious. Brown also enjoyed at least 20 notable appearances in television series, including Perry Mason, Make Room for Daddy, I Married Joan and Wanted: Dead or Alive, in which he served up drinks behind the bar. Some film buffs may remember him as half of the comedy team Brown and Carney.