Actor Walter Brennan

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on December 15, 2002

Walter Brennan starred in a Western series in the '60s. He was riding with two of his sons looking for a third son. Can you tell me the name of the series and when it aired?
—Cathie H., Oregon

You're thinking of The Guns of Will Sonnett, which aired on ABC from 1967 to 1969. But you have the plot confused. Brennan played the title character, a former cavalry scout whose son ran off to become a gunfighter, leaving his own son behind to be raised by Brennan. Dack Rambo played the grandson, who, as a grown man, decided he wanted to find his dad, so he and Brennan set out to look for him. Brennan was a highly respected film actor and the first to win three Oscars for best supporting actor. He won for Come and Get It in 1936, Kentucky in 1938, and The Westerner in 1940. He was nominated for another Oscar in 1941 for his role in Sergeant York. Born in 1894, he trained as an engineer before deciding to go into show business. He came to Hollywood in 1923, after serving in World War I, and broke into films as a stuntman. The Guns of Will Sonnett lasted for about 50 episodes. Brennan died in 1974 at the age of 80.