Was Thandie Newton a Bond Girl?

Celebrity Q&A, Featured Article
on April 29, 2013

Was Thandie Newton from “Rogue” ever a Bond girl?
—Roger Faherty, Charlotte, N.C.

Newton, 40, was never a Bond girl, but the London-born actress rose to international stardom opposite Tom Cruise in a Bond girl-type of role in the spy thriller “Mission: Impossible II.”

Since then, she has appeared in several critically acclaimed and box office hits, including “Crash,” for which she won a BAFTA Award, “W,” “The Pursuit of Happyness,” “Run Fatboy Run,” “2012,” “For Colored Girls,” “RocknRolla,” and, most recently, “Good Deeds.”

Newton also had a recurring role on the TV series “ER” as a love interest for Dr. Carter (Noah Wyle), so when the starring role in “Rogue” came along, she knew what she was getting into when she agreed to play undercover cop Grace, who goes into a downward spiral when her 5-year-old son is killed and she blames herself.

“I really wanted to work on something that had more of an arc, more complexity, and I think the best adult drama is in television these days. Certainly there’s more choice,” she says. “The character is very compelling, and it’s one of the most interesting roles I’ve ever played.”

When not performing, the mother of two daughters is actively involved in the V-Day foundation. In 2011, she attended the opening of the City of Joy in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo. It houses and supports women survivors of sexual violence and provides them with opportunities to develop their leadership skills through innovative programming.