Watch: Bulldog Beauty Contest + Squirrel on Wheels

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on March 7, 2014

Behind the Scenes: Bulldog Beauty Contest
Squishy-faced bulldogs walk the red carpet in the annual Bulldog Beauty Contest in Long Beach, California.

Paralyzed Squirrel Is a Bundle of Joy on Wheels
In 2011, Praveen David’s daughter rescued a paralyzed baby squirrel, which the family nursed and sheltered. Praveen designed a prosthesis for the animal to allow it to move and prevent it from biting its legs.

Snake Attracts Tourists While Eating Dinner
Sigrid Vestberg was on her way home in Brisbane, Australia when she came across a snake in a tree eating its dinner. The strange sight of the snake with its mouth open wider that its own body as it ate a possum gathered a crowd of about 30 people.

Adorable Penguin Sweaters Save Birds Trapped in Oil Spills
A wildlife group in Australia is inviting volunteers to knit sweaters for the penguin population it conserves, because it says the sweaters can actually save the lives of birds caught in oil spills.

Elephant Deftly Deals With Electric Fence
Magdel van den Berg of Malalane, South Africa, got this amazing footage near Kruger National Park in September last year, as she spotted a huge elephant carefully trying to negotiate an electric fence. The wily giant daintily stepped over and helped himself to a tasty-looking branch.

The Cheese Pizza Diet Is Real
Dan Janssen, 38, eats pizza. He eats a lot of pizza, in fact, his diet IS pizza. For the past 25 years he’s been able live almost entirely off of pizza.