Way Down upon the Swanenee River

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on October 5, 2011

What a beautiful place to be in Old Town Fl , My GrandMother had 10 kids 5 boys and 5 Girls and she has always kept our Family together and she raised these kids alone and family  Reunions were always a part of our life for the past 35 years the Bro & Sisters would come together and fish on the Swanenee River and sing and praise God for all the wonderful things he has done for us and as kids. we have grew up with all of our family being together one time a year at the river fishing telling stories and just loving each other and being together she has pass on and her favorite song.  Glad Reunion Day and we all come together after our fishing trip on the river to go to church on sunday and worship  God and thank him for such a wonderful grandmother and our family being together and carry on her wishes that we all stay in church and keep our kids in church and have our family Reunions as allways and i just wanted to say Thankyou Mama Mable for working so hard to raise 10 wonderful kids and telling us about God and telling as its better to give than to receive and Family is so important and being together as a family ! and how important it is to be together and know that without God we are nothing and teaching us so much and to Thankyou for teaching us family values, I can remember she would knit a garbage bag full of booties for the Orphan's home and give it to them at Christmas and she sold Avon top seller to make ends meet to raise her 10 children to put food on the table she never remaried after our grand father past away at a young age she focus on her 10 kids and work hard to see that they all had what they need even at christmas even if it was a apple or a orange basket filled with peanuts and maybe some candy was the greatest gift for these 10 kids and they were proud to get that Im so thankful to have such a wonderful grandmother and great parents and uncles and aunts ! and all the good times Down upon the Swanenee River  . catching Red Bellys

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