The Weather Channel personalities

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on December 28, 2003

I want to know about some of my favorite people on The Weather Channel. Jennifer Perez took off around the time of Bob Hope’s passing and memorials. A screen actor of the same name as Perez was pictured in the crowd. Is there any relation? Also, one of my favorite meteorologists is Jim Cantore. Is he married?

—R.D., Iowa

We’ve got some confusion here. The Weather Channel (TWC) features a meteorologist named Kim Perez, who recently took some time off. The Cincinnati native, who is blonde, was a meteorologist in the Air Force before joining TWC in 1995. Jennifer Lopez, who shares a name with the super-celebrity actress/singer, hasn’t taken any time off lately. She is not related to the other Jennifer Lopez, but does joke that her well-known name helps her get great tables when she makes dinner reservations. Originally from St. Augustine, Fla. (pop. 11,592), Lopez hosts TWC’s Evening Edition. And Jim Cantore, host of Storm Stories, is indeed married. He met his wife, Tamra, at TWC and they have two children. All three of the on-air personalities now make their home in Atlanta, where TWC is based.