Weekly Wrap: Batkid Saves City + 17 Hiccup Cures

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on November 15, 2013

Batkid Saves Damsel in Distress
The Joker, Penguin and criminals citywide didn’t stand a chance Friday as 5-year-old Batkid and his full-size likenes foiled crimes and brought the child’s comic book dreams to life. Watch as Miles Scott, recently in remission from leukemia, jumps from a black Lamborghini to save a damsel in distress in San Francisco-turned-Gotham-for-the-Day.

Top 17 Hiccup Cures in 91 Seconds

What causes hiccups? How do you best cure them? BuzzFeed put together the 17 most-effective cures in a catchy 91-second video. Watch the video. You’ll likely learn a trick or two to use next time you have the hiccups.

93-Year-Old Skydives with Wife’s Ashes

Jack Hake, a 93-year-old British man, fulfills a promise made to his late wife by skydiving with her ashes strapped to his chest. Was his first time skydiving scary? Find out how he felt in this heartwarming video.

Mascot Scores with Half-Court Shot

Adam DeBeck was at a Holy Cross College men’s basketball game when one lucky student got drawn out of a hat to win free text books for a semester. The only way to win, though, was for the team’s mascot Basil the St. Bernard to sink a ball from the halfway line. To everyone’s surprise, including Basil himself, the lucky student won.