Weekly Wrap: ‘Breaking Bad’ + Homemade ‘Ghostbusters’ + Airline Safety

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on November 1, 2013

‘Breaking Bad’ Superfan Films Location Road Trip
The folks from Roadtrippers.com were in Albuquerque, New Mexico, recently to shoot the annual hot air balloon fiesta, but got a little sidetracked. As huge fans of the hit series “Breaking Bad” one of the Roadtrippers couldn’t resist the opportunity to make a time lapse of his road trip exploring filming locations from the show.

Awesome New Airplane Safety Video From Virgin Airlines
Most people hate the safety announcements at the beginning of airline flights. Passengers tune it out, and you can tell the flight attendants are sick of the repetitious script. Now, Virgin Airlines has come out with a new safety video that’ll be sure to get everyone’s attention!

Empire State Building Puts on Halloween Light Show
New York’s Empire State Building dressed up for Halloween, putting on a light show for about nine minutes. 15,000 channels of LED lighting were used to light up the building from the 72nd floor to the antennae on top.

Giant Pumpkin Growing Time-Lapse
Matthew Radach grew this impressive giant pumpkin for the Washington State fair and finished in sixth place. Matthew grew the ‘Atlantic Giant’ pumpkin in his front yard and put together this nicely shot time-lapse video showcasing the fruits of his labor.

Homemade Version Of ‘Ghostbusters’
The guys over at CineFix do an amazing job of taking scenes from famous movies and re-doing them, and they’ve got something brand-new for Halloween! Check out their version of “Ghostbusters”!