Weekly Wrap: Cat and Dog Edition

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on January 3, 2014

Tiger Cub Playing with a Dog

Try to not smile as you watch this adorable home bred tiger cub playing on the couch with his dog friend.

Dogs Terrified Of Walking Past Cats
Very few things can come between a dog and its owner. Dogs have faced down cars, burglars, and even bears in order to protect humans. Yet there is one obstacle that continues to confound them: cats.

Cats Stealing Dogs Beds
What’s a dog to do when he finds a cat curled up in his bed? This cute mash-up reveals that a fight is not always the answer.

Cat and Dog Both Give High Fives
Cat Rupert was taught to high five with clicker training. Later, the family’s foster dog decided he wanted in on some of the action.

Hardwood Floor + Laster Pointer = Entertaining Kitteh
Watch as this sleek black cat chases a laser beam on a slippery hardwood floor.