Weekly Wrap: Kitten Catching Raindrops + Nintendo Half-Time Show + Tissue Origami

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on November 22, 2013

Kitten Tries to Capture Raindrops
When Lily the kitten was six months old she took up a new hobby; trying to catch raindrops through a window. Watch as the determined cat continuously throws herself at the safety glass in the hopes of finally catching a drop.

Clemson Marching Band’s Half-Time Nintendo Theme
The Clemson University marching band made the half-time wait bearable for both sets of fans when they put on a tribute to Nintendo, marching to the tunes of “Super Mario” and “Zelda.” The band formed a Mario mushroom, the tri-force, and Zelda character Link, among other shapes.

Slow Motion Rabbit Eating Looks Epic
Joslyn Hopkins was watching her seven-month-old bunny eating vegetables when she took out her camera and started recording. By slowing down the speed of the video and adding the serious music of the Halo soundtrack, her video becomes a piece of epic mastery. With the slo-mo technology on the new iPhone, we’ll probably start seeing more of this.

Toys Come to Life in Dinovember
Dinovember was created last year by Kansas City parents Refe and Susan Tuma as a way to instill wonder and imagination in their young kids. Every night of November, Refe and Susan sneak downstairs and create elaborate scenes with the girls’ dinosaur toys, giving the illusion that the plastic dinosaurs are partying while the girls sleep. Suffice to say, it’s the best party ever, as the dinos, eat, play music, and color.

Amazing Animals Made Out Of Tissues
If you’ve ever struggled to craft an origami crane out of paper, you know just how difficult the task would be using something as delicate as a tissue. Check out these amazing animals made by Japanese tissue company, Nepia This just blows our minds!