Weekly Wrap: Polar Vortex Edition

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on January 10, 2014

Would You Lick a Metal Pole When It’s Minus 20 Degrees?
If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you licked a metal pole in minus 20 degree weather, wonder no more. Watch what happens when Jason Asselin, of Kingsford, Michigan, decided to lick his metal clothesline pole with a fake tongue during the Polar Vortex. Consider this a public service announcement!

Dog Dresses Up to Avoid Polar Vortex
Tricia Keppel says her Italian Greyhound, Gonzo, hates going out in the cold. With the extremely cold weather descending on parts of the US at the moment, Gonzo has dressed up in a coat and boots.

Bird Sleds During Snow Storm
This thrill-seeking bird repeatedly slides down a roof covered in snow.

Polar Vortex Causes Fugitive to Turn Self In
It’s so cold right now from the polar vortex, that a fugitive, Robert Vick, who escaped from a Kentucky prison turned himself in.

Skiing Down a Country Road
Due to the heavy snowfall in Granton, Wisconsin, it became possible for people to ski and sleigh down the country road as can be seen in this video.

Unfortunate Snowboard Fail
As one snowboarder launches himself into a jump he notices another standing in his landing spot. Unfortunately the second snowboarder soon realizes that he is about to become part of a collision and his first reaction is to jump into the air. The result is not good for either snowboarder.