Weekly Wrap: Puppy Bowl Lineup

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on January 17, 2014

‘Puppy Bowl’ Lineup Released
The 10th annual ‘Puppy Bowl’ lineups are out! The ‘Puppy Bowl’ will air on Animal Planet three hours before the Super Bowl kickoff.

Boxer Puppy Digging on the Beach
Watch this cute 2-year-old boxer puppy, play with a shell and dig on the beach in Florida.

The Cutest Puppy Dream
The precious pup cuddles up to a doll and has a dream.

Twin Polar Bears Born in Munich
Twin polar bears, born at a Munich Zoo, have been caught on camera for the first time since their birth.

Two Cats and One Cat Trap
Sirius and Samoa were so interested in a shoe box that their owners decided to see what would happen if a little “cat trap” was set up. But in the end Sirius, the younger kitten, won out as Samoa was left caught in the ‘trap’.