Weekly Wrap: Snowstorm Time-lapse + Happy Birthday with Cat Food Cans

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on January 24, 2014

Time-lapse of New Jersey Snowstorm
Filmed in Collingswood, New Jersey, during a recent snowstorm, resident Thomas Finer filmed this time-lapse. The time-lapse was filmed over 24 hours and begins before the storm arrives. Soon after it does, the Collingswood neighborhood is covered in a blanket of white snow.

Happy Birthday Played with Cat Food Cans
After figuring out what “note” each can made, this woman was able to arrange them in a musical scale to play a song.

Marlin Battles Kayak Fishermen for Over an Hour
Thomas Strydom and friend Paul Pallet regularly fish from their kayaks near their homes in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales. The men normally catch mackerel and other smaller fish, so it took them by surprise when a great marlin took them for a ride.

How to Get Anything You Want
Mind control isn’t around… yet. But is there a secret way to get anything you want? Could manipulate anyone into doing anything for you? Probably not, but there are some ways to make the odds more in your favor.

Kitty Cleans a Toddler
Hazel likes to snuggle with kitties. Sometimes she gets groomed, too.