Weekly Wrap: Valentine’s Day Edition

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on February 14, 2014

The Ultimate Love Song Mash-Up
Don’t have time to listen to a bunch of love songs this Valentine’s Day? No problem! This one gets 27 different love songs into one ultimate mash-up!

5 Ways to Save Your Relationship with Science
Need a date for Valentines day? Is your relationship falling apart? We all have love problems sometimes, so Trace and Meg Turney from Sourcefed are here with all the relationship advice you need… using science!

App to Help You on Valentine’s Day
As Valentine’s Day approaches, smartphone apps can play a part in finding love, celebrating love and sharing things love-connected

Valentine’s Day Puppy Love
Here are some heart-melting moments with Tommy the chihuahua.

Magician Performs Sneaky Trick
Endrit Ferizoli performs a sneaky magic trick, which you may need to look at more than once. He displays a hand of cards, asks the viewer to pick one. He then switches them out of shot to complete the illusion.