Weird Blade Storage Tips

Featured Article, Household DIY Tips
on August 27, 2013
blades in cookie box

Saw blades provide a unique storage challenge.  Take these two odd tips and perhaps you can keep your blades sharp and secure.

Cookie Cutter

Looking for a convenient way to store circular saw blades? Follow this tip from Club member Bill Schweigert of Maplewood, Minnesota, and head to the cookie aisle of your local grocery store. A butter cookie tin makes a great holder for the blades, and you get a tasty treat from all those cookies as you empty the tin. Try not to eat them all at once, though!

Kicking the Bucket

Like many people, Club member William Miller of South Point, Ohio, transports tools and supplies to job sites in 5-gallon buckets outfitted with organizers. To safely carry extra saw blades in the same bucket, William drilled a 3/8-in. hole in the center of the bucket lid and then secured with epoxy a 5/16-in. tinnerman’s nut over the hole. Using a 5/16‑in. stud outfitted with a large washer and a wing nut on one end, he created a “wing bolt” that he can thread through the saw blades and into the nut on the lid.