What Happened to Chris Elliott?

Celebrity Q&A
on November 25, 2012

What has happened to zany Chris Elliott and what was the name of his TV series about a grown-up paperboy living at home with his parents
—Micah Ingram, Mount Dora, Fla.

Elliott, 52, a native New Yorker, stars as U.S. Marshal Chris Monsanto on “Eagleheart,” a cop-show parody on the Adult Swim network. The son of Bob Elliott of Bob & Ray comedy fame is best known for his 1980s sketches on “Late Night With David Letterman,” his recurring role of Peter MacDougall on “Everybody Loves Raymond” and as Bill Murray’s wisecracking cameraman in the movie “Groundhog Day.” The married dad of two daughters starred in the 1990-1992 cult comedy TV series “Get a Life,” now on DVD, as 30-year-old paperboy Chris Peterson.

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