What Happened to Lady Jane of ‘Lovejoy’?

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on August 3, 2013
Downton Abbey Series 3

My husband and I used to enjoy a British TV series called “Lovejoy” and wonder what happened to the fine actress who played Lady Jane?
—Helen Blankenship, Lowell, Mass.

That’s Phyllis Logan, 57, a native of Paisley, Scotland, who now stars as Mrs. Hughes, the housekeeper on “Masterpiece Classic’s Downton Abbey.” “I enjoy playing Mrs. Hughes a great deal,” Logan says. “There’s a right nippy sweetie side to her.” Logan made her film debut in “Another Time, Another Place” (1983), which earned her an award from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts for most outstanding newcomer. She portrayed Lady Jane Felsham on the BBC series “Lovejoy” between 1986 and 1994 and is married to actor Kevin McNally, who plays Joshamee Gibbs in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies.