What Is a Wedding Registry?

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on February 22, 2013
what is a wedding registry

A wedding registry also may be known as a gift registry or bridal registry. It is simply a list of items the bridal couple would use and appreciate if received as shower or wedding gifts. The bride and groom are not restricted to one registry. Couples can register for shower and wedding gifts at more than store, including online shops.

It’s not greedy. According to etiquette expert Emily Post, wedding invitations are the one invitation where a gift for the couple is proper etiquette, whether you plan to attend the wedding or not. By registering, the couple actually is helping reduce guests’ anxiety and guesswork regarding the gift-giving process. She states, “Registries are incredibly organized and helpful, and it is not ‘greedy’ to register. Most guests find registries a very efficient way to select a gift that the couple would like, would need, and that would not be duplicated by other guests.”

Traditional gift registry. For decades, wedding guests have presented the bridal couple with items that fall into the “traditional” category. These include silverware, dishes, vases, elegant serving platters and crystal candlesticks. To register for these gifts, the bride and groom would visit a local upper-end department store and select china patterns, silverware and delicate glass items. Couples deciding to take a less traditional route for their wedding registry still may want to consider including a few traditional gift choices for their guests that prefer selecting those types of gifts.

Multiple registries. Wedding etiquette allows the bride and groom to register at more than one store. However, Post recommends that three should be the maximum. This provides a variety of choices and price points for your guests but does not cross the line of appearing greedy.

Places to register. Today, bridal couples can register for wedding and shower gifts in almost any store. From the traditional upper-end department stores to national retailers and your favorite local shop, anything goes. It’s OK to register at a home improvement store, especially if you’ll be working on your new home after the wedding. You can even register for charities—instead of a wrapped gift, your guests donate to a charity of your choice. Some couples opt to include an online registry as well. This makes it easier for out-of-town guests.

Listing the wedding registries. Typically, wedding shower invitations include the registry list. However, the registry list is rarely included in the actual wedding invitation. Guests may ask the couple, their parents or the members of the bridal party where they are registered, but if you have an online wedding page for your special day, this is the best place to list your registry. On your wedding page, you can post direct links to your registries.

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