What is a Wedding Ring Band?

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on March 9, 2013
what is a wedding ring band

All brides and bridegrooms need to know as much as possible when planning the wedding. There is so much to take care of, and consider that it can be dizzying. The good news is you are not alone. Just about everyone in your position feels the same way. One way to make things easier is to take it one step at a time, one detail at a time. The wedding ring band is very important to the wedding. Learn what a wedding ring band is, and be one step closer to that special day.

What is a wedding ring band? A wedding ring band is a ring that belongs on your left ring finger. The ring has long been a symbol of marriage, commitment and love. In modern weddings, it is commonly part of the marriage ceremony. Women are often given an engagement ring when the marriage proposal is made. This ring is often a diamond or gemstone ring, and a simple wedding ring band is added later. Men and women exchange wedding ring bands as a symbol of love, fidelity and commitment in the marriage ceremony, but the wedding ring band has a long history prior.

Egyptian symbolism. According to The Knot, the circle was important to ancient Egyptians because it had no beginning or end. This meant the ring was a symbol of eternity due to its shape. The symbolism made it ideal as a gift when making a public pledge to honor an important relationship. Egyptians preferred wearing the ring on the left hand because they believed the left hand had the vein of love that ran straight to the heart. At the height of the Roman Empire, the ring became a true custom in weddings.

Early wedding ring bands. The first wedding ring bands were quite simple. The times called for the simplicity. Metals were hard to work with, and precious metals were hard to come by and costly. Most early rings were simple iron, flat-banded rings. Gold set with gems become the rage in the medieval days for those with the means to afford such special materials. The custom started with Archduke Maximilian of Austria. In 1477, he presented his intended, Mary of Burgundy, with a special diamond ring as a promise of marriage.

The ring and the band. The wedding ring usually refers to the engagement ring that is set with a stone or gem. This custom, thanks to Archduke Maximilian, is still the practice today in many engagements. Once the wedding is in the planning process, the wedding ring band is selected. Both the groom and the bride have a band in modern weddings. The band is typically given during the wedding ceremony, where it is joined on the woman’s hand with her engagement ring. The band is often simpler or coordinates with the wedding ring the woman wears.