What Is Actress Linda Cristal Doing These Days?

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on December 3, 2013

What has become of beautiful Linda Cristal, who played Victoria Cannon on “The High Chaparral?”
—Joyce Hurd, Janesville, Wisconsin

The native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, who was born to a French father and Italian mother, left acting in the mid-1980s after starring in “Rossé,” an Argentine soap opera, and today enjoys her retirement in California with her family. Linda Cristal, 79, made her English-language debut in “Comanche” (1956) and also starred in “The Alamo,” “Two Rode Together” and “Mr. Majestyk.” Fans of her popular TV Western series will rendezvous March 20-23 in Tuscon, Arizona, for The High Chaparral Reunion 2014, which will include a visit to the original Cannon ranch house at Old Tucson Studios.