What is Christina Hendricks’ Natural Hair Color?

Celebrity Q&A, Featured Article
on May 1, 2013
Mad Men (Season 5)

I really enjoy Christina Hendricks as Joan on “Mad Men.” Tell me something about her.
—Cassandra Brown, Amarillo, Texas

Hendricks, 38, is also a fan of Joan and while word is that the next season of “Mad Men”—which will be the show’s seventh—will be the last, she is hoping that executive producer Matt Weiner will change his mind and decide he wants to write a few more.

“I would do it gladly and with bells on,” she says. “So, I am putting it out there into the universe that we get more.”

Although born in Knoxville, Tenn., Hendricks moved around as her British-born father Robert Hendricks was employed by the U.S. Forest Service. She grew up in Twin Falls, Idaho, where she performed in children’s musical theater, before moving to Fairfax, Va., when she was 13.

Hendricks began her career as a teen model, but quickly made the transition to acting. She began in TV, amassing appearances on “Beggars and Choosers,” “The Big Time,” “ER,” “The Court,” “Kevin Hill,” “Without a Trace” and “Cold Case,” as well as recurring roles on “Firefly,” “Notes From the Underbelly” and “Life.”

On the big screen, Hendricks most recently was seen in “Ginger & Rosa” and “Drive.” She will be re-teaming with her “Drive” co-star Ryan Gosling, when she stars in his directorial debut, “How To Catch a Monster.”

“One day when we were in that crazy car, he was like, ‘I would love to direct you in something one day.’ I was, ‘OK. What a sweet thing to say. Are you a director?’” she recalls.

“Then, almost a year later, he called me and said, ‘I have written this script and I imagined you in this role. Would you consider it?’ I was just incredibly flattered and honored. He sent the script that he wrote and it was fantastic. We’re going to go shoot it in Detroit in May.”

Hendricks’ additional film credits include the independent drama, “Struck by Lightning,” as well as roles in “Detachment,” “I Don’t Know How She Does It,” “Leoni,” “Life as We Know It,” “La Cucina,” “South of Pico” and “Driving Lessons.”

Married to “Body of Proof” actor Geoffrey Arend, she and her husband live in Los Angeles. Hendricks, whose crimson hair on “Mad Men” has become part of her TV character, is actually a natural blonde who began coloring her hair red at age 10 after reading “Anne of Green Gables.”