What Is YouTube?

Home & Family, Technology
on November 23, 2011

YouTube is a popular Web site where people and organizations can upload videos for Internet users to watch. This has become an extremely popular site, as some videos have been watched millions of times by viewers around the world. According to worldwide data gathering organization Netpop Research, YouTube is the site most likely to be recommended to others by Internet users. When a video is watched by millions, social media experts will suggest that it has gone “viral,” which is an allegory to a virus that spreads very quickly.

Using YouTube is fairly simple, but there are factors to consider.

Logistics. Uploading videos starts with creating a simple account through YouTube. Users can then upload videos from their computer to YouTube and share them with the public or restrict access to a private group. Users can choose to use YouTube video editing tools to refine their content. In addition, videos can be promoted using various social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter if people want their videos to solicit a larger number of hits. Keywords can also help users find content on YouTube.

Copyright issues. When uploading videos, users have to be sensitive to copyrighted material and laws that govern media content. YouTube reserves the right to remove videos, or mute the sound if the violation is through audio. If users have too many copyright complaints, they may have their account suspended by YouTube. Some copyright policing is done by YouTube, but given the amount of content on the site, third-party organizations also monitor videos and may post a complaint through YouTube.

A way to express. In general, YouTube can be a fun way to connect with others through video, and it can be a powerful way to promote to a huge audience of Internet users. What people have to keep in mind is that posting videos to the general public can be both positive and negative depending on the content. Since viewers can post comments, users may find that their content gets mixed reviews from watchers.