Where are They Now? Bernard Fox of ‘The Andy Griffith Show’

Celebrity Q&A, Featured Article
on March 30, 2013

What is up with Bernard Fox of “Hogan’s Heroes,” “Bewitched” and “Titanic” fame?
Ann Raubenhold, Allentown, Pa.

After making 30 films between 1956 and 2004, Fox, 85, who lives in Los Angeles, retired from show business. The native of Wales was featured in two films about the night the Titanic went down: He delivered the line “Iceberg dead ahead, sir!” in “A Night To Remember” (1958) and played Col. Archibald Gracie IV in “Titanic” (1997). He’s best known for his TV roles as Malcolm Merriweather on “The Andy Griffith Show,” Dr. Bombay on “Bewitched” and British Col. Crittendon on “Hogan’s Heroes.”